A 12-year-old girl living in Los Angeles, California with her mother, Astair, stepfather, Anwar, and two half-sisters, Shasti and Freya. Xanther suffers from multiple health problems and disabilities, arguably the most severe being the debilitating seizures brought on by her epilepsy.

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Volume 3 Edit

  • 02) Xiomara
  • 09) Honeysuckle
  • 15) MI
  • 22) Hyperion
  • 32) Satya

Volume 4 Edit

  • 06) Lion Girl
  • 13) New York
  • 20) Hades
  • 29) Worse Than Any Nightmare

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Family Edit

Astair Ibrahim - Xanther's mother.

Anwar Ibrahim - Xanther's stepfather.

Dov - Xanther's biological father.

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Cogs, Josh, Kle and Mayumi - Friends from Xanther's middle school Thomas Starr King.

Other Edit

Dr. Potts - Xanther's current therapist.

Dendish Mower - Bully in Xanther's middle school.