Annotations for raeden, the twenty-first chapter of One Rainy Day In May.

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Litter Save him!

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The Veldt (open country, bearing grass, bushes, or shrubs, or thinly forested, characteristic of parts of southern Africa). The song is based off a short story by Ray Bradbury named The Veldtor also known as The world that the children made.In the story, two children solve their disappointment with their parents by escaping to a simulated grassland that proves all too real

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world cup parakeet

Mani the parakeet (hatched 1997), also called Mani the parrot, is a Malaysian-born rose-ringed parakeet who resides in Singapore. He has been an astrologer "assistant" to M. Muniyappan since 2005. Mani became a celebrity in Singapore, and later internationally, when he picked the correct winners for all of the 2010 FIFA World Cup quarter-final ties, as well as the Spain-Germany semi-final


citizens of Bangladesh


Tamil for "yellow", term used for Chinese people


a Tamil person



old sagsack mats

old malay muslims with saggy testicles. Mat - Malay male. Typically Malay males are given the prefix names of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. The Malays tend to shorten their called names to the last pronounceable syllable

chia lat

terrible, or cannot make it, for example, this person is very chia lat, cannot even pass his basic exams, it means, he really is terrible or cannot make it. In the Hokkien language, which is another dialect in Chinese, it means "Eat Strength"


"Ohhhhh". Usually used when someone give you some revelation, and it's just dawning on you


catching something, usually, but not always, unpleasant. “Wah lau, I kena arrow this type of kang tao hor wa hope tio, ah!!!" ("My goodness, why am I being given a task like this?")


"got it!" or "correct!" Suggests hitting the target or achieving something, usually but not necessarily pleasant

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"afraid of losing";


limp, flaccid or physically weak (at knees)




I should help his son peace? - I should help his son down?


You can see I have saved nothing?


You saved me.

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I do not know your goodness

meng kia, long tio ooh siah

literally meaning, "Don't be scared. If it hits, there'll be a sound." An exhortation to do things boldly.

kar-kar lai

come forward bravely

it's not much of a life you're living . . .

Rihanna - Stay ft. Mikky Ekko

wah lau

"oh my goodness", "wow", or "damn!"

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sial lah

exclamation of surprise

siam ah

Get out of the way!

gah neh nah

?" Neh nah gah" is nigerian for emergency (this may be what is meant)??


dismay, surprise or alarm



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beginning of a flashback, we'll be back with tian li on page 536

wah lan eh

"oh my goodness", "wow", or "damn!"


"of course" or "duh!". "Ah then?"


boredom, weariness, frustration and emptiness. The English equivalent would be "ennui"


of money

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cold (drink)



pow ka leow


king jame version

the best and most authentic in its class. Note that "Jame" is the singular of "James"

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let’s play dead . . .

Serpent of Old (Ft: Nostalghia) by Seven Lions. Full lyrics



lei gong

In Chinese mythology Lord of Thunder


popular island resort in Singapore, visited by some twenty million people a year


Pulau Bukom, also known as Pulau Bukum, is a small island belonging to Singapore

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kim tang tang

very rich or opulently dressed. Literally, "dripping with gold"

blur like sotong

someone totally in the dark as to what goes on. sotong – squid, it comes from the squid’s emission of a cloud of ink, hence the popular phrase, “blur like sotong.”

tok kong

superb, top of the line

kiam siap

stingy and mean


urban planning area within the Central Region in Singapore


The Housing & Development Board


Malaysian state, located in the southern portion of Peninsular Malaysia (north of Singapore)

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looked down on stars

up is down and down is up, like rain seemingly pouring up from the ground


The police. Originally from the Malay word meaning "eye", denoting some level of surveillance

shits in the eye

Because the sky is so high, the birds shit in your eye. This phrase is essentially an annoyed retort to being asked "why", and conveys the meaning that the questioner ought to mind his or her own business. Popular in the mid-70's, its usage began to decline in the early 80's and is rarely heard these days


monster cards

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Pontianak - a vampiric ghost in Malay and Indonesian mythology. The pontianak are said to be the spirits of women who died while pregnant. This is often confused with a related creature, the lang suir, which is the ghost of a woman who died while giving birth. The word pontianak is reportedly a corruption of the Malay perempuan mati beranak, or “woman who died in childbirth”. Another theory is that the word is a combination of puan (woman) + mati (die) + anak (child). The term matianak means "death of a child". Pontianak are usually depicted as pale-skinned women with long hair and dressed in white, but they are said to be able to take on a beautiful appearance since they prey on men. In folklore, a pontianak usually announces its presence through baby cries. If the cry is soft, it means that the pontianak is close, and if it is loud, then it must be far. Some believe that if you hear a dog howling, that means that the pontianak is far away. But if a dog is whining, that means the pontianak is nearby. Its presence can sometimes be detected by a nice floral fragrance identifiable as that of the plumeria, followed by an awful stench afterward. A pontianak kills its victims by digging into their stomachs with its sharp fingernails and devouring their organs. In some cases where the pontianak desires revenge against a male individual, it rips out the sex organs with its hands. It is said that if you have your eyes open when a pontianak is near, it will suck them out of your head

ooh yiah boh

"is it for real?" or "Are you sure?"

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tsao k’ng

to expose one's underwear unintentionally


"Unexpectedly, it turns out that...", "If you're not careful, you may find out that..."


"gangster" or "thug"

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chao kuan

smelly-type, cheat, devious person


"quack medicine", used to describe goods of dubious quality

wah lau

damn, wow

si beh

very, extremely


was (happening)


flee, escape quickly


"very" or "additionally"

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moh tuck teng

"the best" or "cannot be topped"


to be tasked with something, usually unpleasant or troublesome

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chik ak

1.“what a pity!” 2. a verb that means to build bad karma, i.e. to do something that will return and haunt you


a medication used to treat mild itchiness, sold in pink bottles



neroli portofino

perfume by Tom Ford

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I need you

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"already" or "finished"

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wah piang

damn, wow

boh lum par chee

no balls/guts, coward

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Litter Save him!