Annotations for Cinnamon, the nineteenth chapter of One Rainy Day In May.

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Louise Gluck

an American poet

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Mexican state

become cartoons

is it just me, or is there something scary about this sentence?

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that sophomoric anagrammatic palindromic religiosity

'deified' is palindromic, and an anagram of 'edified', which means to improve (renew?)


city in California

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delayed gratification

her definition of religion on pg 122

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all we are are silent villans

There s a Thunder by Family Crest

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why this as a chapter title??? The phoenix was reputed to build its nest from cinnamon and cassia. The Hebrew Bible makes specific mention of the spice many time

Possible interpretation #1: 'her mother prepared toast slathered in butter, cinnamon, and sugar while towels warmed in the dryer.' Astair is relating her maternity to her mother's. In other words, she's thinking of how she was raised, and how she herself raises her children. (Also, fun fact, Nomannic (cinnamon backwards) is the name of a civilian transport ship in Star Wars, and is also an extremely rare name sometimes given to children (possibly simply in lieu of the fact the parents like cinnamon).

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