Annotations for View of the Sea, the eighteenth chapter of One Rainy Day In May.

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Is little irrelevant Cinnamon

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Let sleeping dogs lie

Don't talk about things which have caused problems in the past, or to not try to change a situation because you might cause problems

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Clive Buckle

Freeman in a short movie The Girl Is Mime

Elliot Gould - The Long Goodbye

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Post & Beam

He was going to eat there, see 161


Ikea is there

his wet socks

Ozgur's; on p.166 he mentioned being soaked through

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Adirondack chair

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Scientific Investigation Division

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Sounds almost the same like the oft-repeated "katla". Television stations that exists in real life.

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As a symbol: pacifist, independent, awareness, effectiveness, good judgement, protection, introspection, patience, silence, peace. Those with the skunk as their animal totem are naturally buoyant. They go through life with a calm assurance, and exude a peaceful energy that is extremely attractive to others

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Hanging a tree with rocks


Pages 434 – 435 ENTR’ACTE Three - rawrgrl Edit

For more about Entr'actes, see link

Blue elipses

Contain haikus. One of them - "petals mock by count..." is more or less same as the reversed Hebrew text in Entr'acte two - Asters.

laft at u

Laughed at you






Person of Indianorigin, rude, ignorant or stupid person


Word describing a particularly good, albeit short, period of sleep


Female junkie or drug dealer

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Is little irrelevant Cinnamon