Annotations for Is little irrelevant, the seventeenth chapter of One Rainy Day In May.

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Prey View of the Sea

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Hovhannes Tumanyan

was an Armenian writer and public activist. He is considered to be the national poet of Armenia

Yeghishe Charents

was an Armenian poet, writer and public activist

Khachatur Abovian

was an Armenian writer and national public figure of the early 19th century who mysteriously vanished in 1848 and eventually presumed dead

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Kale Pache is a dish of boiled cow's head (and sometimes the feet). It is a traditional dish in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. Formerly a nutritious winter food, it is now considered a delicacy, and is enjoyed as a festive winter meal, usually by a company of women and men who sit around in a table, early in the morning

Mount Aragats

is a large stratovolcano in northwest Armenia about 40 km northwest of the capital city of Yerevan. It is the highest point in Armenia

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Medz Yeghern

Armenian genocide

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Hovik Garibyan

Buford Furrow's driver: The 1999 Los Angeles Jewish Community Center shooting occurred on August 10, 1999, at around 10:50 a.m. local time, when white supremacist Buford O. Furrow, Jr. walked into the lobby of the North Valley Jewish Community Center in Granada Hills and opened fire with a semiautomatic weapon, firing 70 shots into the complex. The gunfire wounded five people: three children, a teenage counselor, and an office worker. Shortly thereafter, Furrow murdered a mail carrier, fled the state, and finally surrendered to authorities

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a town in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia. The 7th-century Cathedral of Talin is located in the town


The Zangezur Mountains (historically known as Syuniq Mountains) comprise a mountain range that defines the border between Armenia's southern province of Syunik and Azerbaijan's Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic


wind instrument played in central Eurasia


sevan trout


Churchkhela is a traditional sausage-shaped candy originating from Georgia

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now, here

Only Revolutions reference?

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alway armenian with you

always english with you – 397

Նա ուժեղ լույս է: Բոլորս բախտավոր կլինենք որ նման լույս ունենանք

She is a strong light: We are all fortunate to have such a light.

Գեղեցկությունա թող փայլի

Let beauty shine

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14. In the chapter “Is little irrelevant,” we learn from Mnatsagan that Shnorhk no longer speaks Armenian (p. 397) or plays Armenian music, although he feels very strongly that evidence of the Armenian Genocide should be preserved. Why do you think that is so? Do you have any guesses about the “first” thing Mnatsagan misses about Shnorhk?'

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Prey View of the Sea