Annotations for Prey, the sixteenth chapter of One Rainy Day In May.

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Dawgz "Is little irrelevant"

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A spoon crossed with a fork is a spork.

From the webcomic xkcd; full comic:

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Gil Elbaz

Gil Elbaz is an American entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist best known for co-founding, along with Adam Weissman, Applied Semantics (ASI)

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Quenya is a fictional language devised by J. R. R. Tolkien, and used by the Elves in his fictional universe that is commonly known as Middle-earth; Ithkuil is a constructed language created by John Quijada,[1] designed to express deeper levels of human cognition briefly yet overtly and clearly, particularly with regard to human categorization


Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Also MOO (MUD, object-oriented) is a text-based online virtual reality system to which multiple users (players) are connected at the same time (Wikipedia) and an onomatopoeic word for the sound made by cattle

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most dangerous mouse

Merlin the magic mouse

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a powerful merchant tribe that controlled Mecca and its Ka'aba and that according to tradition descended from Ishmael. … The Muslim army entered and occupied Mecca in the year 630 CE. In 628 the Meccan tribe of Quraish and the Muslim community in Medina signed a truce called the Treaty of Hudaybiyya. Despite improved relations between Mecca and Medina after the signing of the Treaty of Hudaybiyya, a 10 year peace was to be broken by Quraish who, with their allies, the tribe of Bakr, attacked the tribe of Khuza'ah who were allies of the Muslims. However, Muhammad considered the treaty broken. Muhammad acted generously to the Meccans, demanding only that the pagan idols around the Kaaba be destroyed.

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a city in Baker County, Florida

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Stellar Wind

the code name of information collected under the President's Surveillance Program (PSP). The National Security Agency (NSA) program was approved by President George W. Bush shortly after the September 11 2001 attacks and was revealed by Thomas Tamm to The New York Times in 2008


an antidepressant drug

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Hees and Boney

Bees and Honey

Valentino Braitenberg

a neuroscientist and cyberneticist. His book Vehicles: Experiments in Synthetic Psychology became famous in Robotics and among Psychologists, in which he described how hypothetical analog vehicles (a combination of sensors, actuators and their interconnections), though simple in design, can exhibit behaviors akin to aggression, love, foresight, and optimism. These have come to be known as Braitenberg vehicles. His pioneering scientific work was concerned with the relation between structures and functions of the brain

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wealthy clique, a Japanese term referring to industrial and financial business conglomerates in the Empire of Japan


Master of Business Administration

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Dawgz "Is little irrelevant"