Annotations for “Yeah man. Something died.”, the tenth chapter of One Rainy Day In May.

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Blue Pencil Bones Nest

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Tony Nersessian

? Unknown author and quote

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The constant change of names echoes similar technique used in Only Revolutions, previous novel by Mark Z. Danielewski (Viazazonacci, Tiatitonacci etc.)

Shnorhk Zildjian

Shnorhk: Armenian for "grace." 

Zildjian: cymbal manufacturer in the United States of Turkish Cymbals since 1623



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Shan vordi

Son of a bitch

Lloyd George

a British Liberal politician and statesman, Prime Minister (1916-1922) (Wikipedia)

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a deep feeling of sorrow and sadness. "Among the survivors we interviewed were some who appeared melancholic and despairing over the genocide, not even showing any overt signs of an internal struggle with the event. Their passivity was not the result of being reconciled to the genocide; rather, these survivors seemed consumed by what Armenians called houzom–a deep feeling of sorrow and sadness. Some of these individuals appeared almost affectless as they told their story" - Donald E. Miller and Lorna Touryan Miller, Survivors: An Oral History of the Armenian Genocide (from armeniangenocidehistory.tumblr)

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Arshalous – armenian girl name, means Dawn

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Blue Pencil Bones Nest