Annotations for Dr. Potts, the eighth chapter of One Rainy Day In May.

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When we ourselves then step into one of these bubbles...

The quote continues: …the familiar meadow is transformed. Many of its colorful features disappear, others no longer belong together but appear in new relationships. A new world comes into being. Through the bubble we see the world of the burrowing worm, of the butterfly, or of the field mouse; the world as it appears to the animals themselves, not as it appears to us. This we may call the phenomenal world or the self-world of the animal.” (

Jakob von Uexküll

Baltic German biologist who worked in the fields of muscular physiology, animal behaviour studies, and the cybernetics of life. However, his most notable contribution is the notion of umwelt, used by semiotician Thomas Sebeok and philosopher Martin Heidegger. His works established biosemiotics as a field of research.

The biosemiotic turn in Jakob von Uexküll's analysis occurs in his discussion of the animal's relationship with its environment. The umwelt is for him an environment-world which is, according to Agamben, "constituted by a more or less broad series of elements [called] 'carriers of significance' or 'marks' which are the only things that interest the animal". Agamben goes on to paraphrase one example from Uexküll's discussion of a tick. For the tick, the umwelt is reduced to only three (biosemiotic) carriers of significance: (1) The odor of butyric acid, which emanates from the sebaceous follicles of all mammals, (2) The temperature of 37 degrees celsius (corresponding to the blood of all mammals), (3) The hairy topography of mammals. (Wikipedia)

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Dia de Muertos

Day of the Dead, Mexican holiday

eastside loca

maybe East side Locos, gang

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Runyon Canyon Park in Los Angeles, California, at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains


the drug MDMA (extasy), especially in powdered or crystalline form


taking extasy

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Mark Z. Danielewski pronounced it as "mute all hate"

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UglyBooth, ZombieBooth

real apps

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Power Draws a Crowd Blue Pencil