Each Volume of The Familiar begins with a series of short previews of stories yet to come, similar to the trailers shown before films in movie theaters.

Volume 1 Edit

  • Astral Omega: Our Common Horrors
  • Tom’s Crossing: Even in His Feet
  • Caged Hunt: Part One

Volume 2 Edit

  • Astral Omega: The Unwilling
  • Petch
  • Caged Hunt: Part Two

Volume 3 Edit

  • Astral Omega: Heaven
  • Only the wind blew...
  • Caged Hunt: Part Three

Volume 4 Edit

  • Astral Omega: Versal Apex Predator
  • Caged Hunt: Part Four

Volume 5 Edit

  • Astral Omega: Cold Boot
  • Invite Everyone
  • Caged Hunt: Part Five

Summaries Edit

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Versal Apex Predator Edit

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Even in His Feet Edit

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Only the wind blew... Edit


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