"Is Everything Okay?""Left it in cab.""Mom, it's a – ”
"Senex in Library""Senex in Venice""Yeah man. Something died."
'Birds?''Save him!'(shed))
, dead0-47 CHAPTER 0: INTROS078*371*636
A Note on NarconsA PicnicA Sleeping Warrior
A StrangerAnwar IbrahimArtifacts
Astair IbrahimAtsaAuntie!
Be extraordinaryBetter ForgottenBetween Nowhere and Nowhere
Big SurpriseBleachBlue Pencil
Bones NestCannibal stonesCinnamon
ClinicDawgzDead-end cats
Dr. PottsDue DiligenceEldon Avantine (Chapter)
If Anything...In the middle of their streetIs little irrelevant
IsandòrnoJingjingJoint Session
LitterLives of OthersLocations
Lupita'sLutéro PerezMI
Maneki nekoMefistoMefisto Dazine
Memorial WeekendMother's DayMy Love
NachoNew This SeasonOn behalf of life
Palace above the dayPikachuPlanski
Power Draws a CrowdPreyRaeden
Rawrgrl (TFv1 Chapter)Rawrgrl (TFv2 Chapter)Rawrgrl (TFv3 Chapter)
Shnorhk ZildjianSmokeSo it begins
Square OneSt. HopiStarving
Stones Upon His EyesTFv01 CH 00 Intros (annotated)TFv01 CH 01 "Is Everything Okay?" (annotated)
TFv01 CH 02 Lupita’s (annotated)TFv01 CH 03 Square One (annotated)TFv01 CH 04 zhong (annotated)
TFv01 CH 05 Big Surprise (annotated)TFv01 CH 06 The Orb (annotated)TFv01 CH 07 Power Draws a Crowd (annotated)
TFv01 CH 08 Dr. Potts (annotated)TFv01 CH 09 Blue Pencil (annotated)TFv01 CH 10 “Yeah man. Something died.” (annotated)
TFv01 CH 11 Bones Nest (annotated)TFv01 CH 12 palace above the day (annotated)TFv01 CH 13 Veinte Pesos (annotated)
TFv01 CH 14 The Horrorsphere (annotated)TFv01 CH 15 Dawgz (annotated)TFv01 CH 16 Prey (annotated)
TFv01 CH 17 Is little irrelevant (annotated)TFv01 CH 18 View of the Sea (annotated)TFv01 CH 19 Cinnamon (annotated)
TFv01 CH 20 Litter (annotated)TFv01 CH 21 reaeden (annotated)TFv01 CH 22 Save him! (annotated)
TFv01 CH 23 Walk (annotated)TFv01 CH 24 The Fourth Crate (annotated)TFv01 CH 25 Tiny Storms (annotated)
TFv01 CH 26 "Mom, it's a-" (annotated)TFv01 CH 27 auntie! (annotated)TFv01 CH 28 , dead (annotated)
TFv01 CH 29 St. Hopi (annotated)TFv01 CH 30 If anything... (annotated)TFv01 NARCON INTERRUPTION (annotated)
TFv02 CH 00 Intros (annotated)TFv02 CH 01 Mother's Day (annotated)TFv02 CH 02 078*371*636 (annotated)
TFv02 CH 03 'Birds?' (annotated)TFv02 CH 04 Planski (annotated)TFv02 CH 05 be extraordinary (annotated)
TFv02 CH 06 Between Nowhere and Nowhere (annotated)TFv02 CH 07 Frogtown (annotated)TFv02 CH 08 (shed)) (annotated)
TFv02 CH 09 Stones Upon His Eyes (annotated)TFv02 CH 10 Clinic (annotated)TFv02 CH 11 so it begins (annotated)
TFv02 CH 12 A Stranger (annotated)TFv02 CH 13 Due Diligence (annotated)TFv02 CH 14 Pikachu (annotated)
TFv02 CH 15 The Killing Machine (annotated)TFv02 CH 16 The Mayor (annotated)TFv02 CH 17 Eldon Avantine (annotated)
TFv02 CH 18 Warlock (annotated)TFv02 CH 19 smoke (annotated)TFv02 CH 20 Better Forgotten (annotated)
TFv02 CH 21 Memorial Weekend (annotated)TFv02 CH 22 The Bath (annotated)TFv02 CH 23 Hunger (annotated)
TFv02 CH 24 The Reunionist (annotated)TFv02 CH 25 A Picnic (annotated)TFv02 CH 26 "Left it in cab." (annotated)
TFv02 CH 27 The Same Ghost (annotated)TFv02 CH 28 The Loyal Hawaiian (annotated)TFv02 CH 29 Starving (annotated)
TFv02 CH 30 My Love (annotated)TFv03 CH 00 Intros (annotated)TFv03 CH 01 wings (annotated)
TFv03 CH 02 Xiomara (annotated)TFv03 CH 03 Bleach (annotated)TFv03 CH 04 in the middle of their street (annotated)
TFv03 CH 05 atsa (annotated)TFv03 CH 06 Withdrawal (annotated)TFv03 CH 07 Lives of Others (annotated)
TFv03 CH 08 Waving back (annotated)TFv03 CH 09 Honeysuckle (annotated)TFv03 CH 10 Joint Session (annotated)
TFv03 CH 11 A Sleeping Warrior (annotated)TFv03 CH 12 dead-end cats (annotated)TFv03 CH 13 Sew (annotated)
TFv03 CH 14 On behalf of life (annotated)TFv03 CH 15 MI (annotated)TFv03 CH 16 Virgil (annotated)
TFv03 CH 17 cannibal stones (annotated)TFv03 CH 18 Nacho (annotated)TFv03 CH 19 Mefisto (annotated)
TFv03 CH 20 Maneki Neko (annotated)TFv03 CH 21 Hyperion (annotated)TFv03 CH 22 Savage (annotated)
TFv03 CH 23 Oceanica (annotated)TFv03 CH 24 hungry ghost (annotated)TFv03 CH 25 One Lab (annotated)
TFv03 CH 26 M.E.T.E. (annotated)TFv03 CH 27 Esse Quam Videri (annotated)TFv03 CH 28 Pomona (annotated)
TFv03 CH 29 The Animal Kingdom (annotated)TFv03 CH 30 Satya (annotated)TFv04 CH 00 Intros (annotated)
TFv04 CH 01 Near Little Switzerland (annotated)TFv04 CH 02 Same cage (annotated)TFv04 CH 03 Forget the key (annotated)
TFv04 CH 04 Nathan (annotated)TFv04 CH 05 The Range (annotated)TFv04 CH 06 Lion Girl (annotated)
TFv04 CH 07 Uneasy Magic (annotated)TFv04 CH 08 Havoc (annotated)TFv04 CH 09 EDS (annotated)
TFv04 CH 10 nahual (annotated)TFv04 CH 11 changi! (annotated)TFv04 CH 12 New York (annotated)
TFv04 CH 13 “I sue you all!” (annotated)TFv04 CH 14 Cynthia (annotated)TFv04 CH 15 Ammonia (annotated)
TFv04 CH 16 slashes (annotated)TFv04 CH 17 Marisol (annotated)TFv04 CH 18 Hades (annotated)
TFv04 CH 19 Locochón (annotated)TFv04 CH 20 black dog (annotated)TFv04 CH 21 The Arsenal (annotated)
TFv04 CH 22 -Of course (annotated)TFv04 CH 23 „We miss you, brother.“ (annotated)TFv04 CH 24 bluewhale (annotated)
TFv04 CH 25 The Box (annotated)TFv04 CH 26 Domingo’s Mother (annotated)TFv04 CH 27 Worse Than Any Nightmare (annotated)
TFv04 CH 28 no chance (annotated)TFv04 CH 29 Undaunted (annotated)TFv04 CH 30 2187D (annotated)
TFv05 CH 00 Intros (annotated)TFv05 CH 01 'White cat!' (annotated)TFv05 CH 02 cycling (annotated)
TFv05 CH 03 "It's super gentle." (annotated)TFv05 CH 04 Mohonk Mountain House (annotated)TFv05 CH 05 Thunk (annotated)
TFv05 CH 06 at last! (annotated)TFv05 CH 07 Jasper (annotated)TFv05 CH 08 Beauty (annotated)
TFv05 CH 09 bad math (annotated)TFv05 CH 10 Oh (annotated)TFv05 CH 11 A Thing of God (annotated)
TFv05 CH 12 when strangers arrive (annotated)TFv05 CH 13 ger one scrawny (annotated)TFv05 CH 14 flying (annotated)
TFv05 CH 15 OFF DUTY (annotated)TFv05 CH 16 You should be dead (annotated)TFv05 CH 17 Midnight Creatures (annotated)
TFv05 CH 18 Domingo (annotated)TFv05 CH 19 Cricket (annotated)TFv05 CH 20 dot dot dot (annotated)
TFv05 CH 21 THE ROAR (annotated)TFv05 CH 22 A Thousand Gates Close (annotated)TFv05 CH 23 The Labyrinth (annotated)
TFv05 CH 24 "You seen my boy?" (annotated)TFv05 CH 25 Into hell (annotated)TFv05 CH 26 Genocide (annotated)
TFv05 CH 27 or bomb? (annotated)TFv05 CH 28 (devastation's gaze) (annotated)TFv05 CH 29 Cold Milk and Figs (annotated)
TFv05 CH 30 Bury the Heavens (annotated)TFv1 Page by Page AnnotationsTFv2 Page by Page Annotations
TFv3 Page by Page AnnotationsTFv4 Page by Page AnnotationsTFv5 Page by Page Annotations
The AnimalsThe BathThe Familiar
The Fourth CrateThe HorrosphereThe Killing Machine
The Loyal HawaiianThe Mayor (Chapter)The Orb
The ReunionistThe Same GhostThe Wizard
Tiny StormsVeinte PesosView of the Sea
VirgilVolume 1: One Rainy Day in MayVolume 2: Into the Forest
Volume 3: Honeysuckle & PainVolume 4: HadesVolume 4 Annotations
Volume 5: RedwoodVolume 5 AnnotationsWalk
WarlockWaving backWings
WithdrawalXanther IbrahimXiomara (Chapter)
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