Narrator Shnorhk Zildjian
Volume Into the Forest
Starts May 15, 2014 (17:07:08)
Ends May 15, 2014 (17:52:17)
Previous chapter Stones Upon His Eyes
Next chapter so it begins

"Clinic" is the eleventh chapter of Into the Forest. It is the first chapter to be narrated by Shnorhk Zildjian.

Chapter Quote Edit

"We have animals up on the mountain, and if you don't milk them then the animals will suffer." - İkram Sevim

Summary Edit

The chapter opens up on May 15, 2014 at 17:07:08 in Los Angeles, California. Shnorhk and Patil are at their apartment in Glendale. As the two are talking and Patil is setting the dinner table, Shnorhk gets up and goes into the bathroom to cough. He coughs blood into both palms. He washes his hands and returns to the table. Patil tells Shnorhk again that he should go see a doctor. Shnorhk lies and tells her that he will go to the clinic. Patil asks when the place closes, and Shnorhk lies again by telling her it closes at 8pm. In actuality, the clinic closes at 6pm and Shnorhk might not even be able to make it there in time if he left for it right now. Shnorhk decides not to leave yet as he wants dinner first.

While eating dinner Patil comments that Independence Taxi, the company Shnorhk works for, has terrible phones. Her friend Zanazan told her that Uber, a competing taxi service, has great phones. Zanazan said that a great phone is important and that everything in the future should fit on a phone. Patil thinks Independence Taxi will go out of business eventually and Uber would be better to work at. Shnorhk says that he would need to get a new car to transition to another company. Patil tells him to buy another car. Shnorhk becomes angry but does not express it to Patil. Instead, he just gets up before finishing dinner and he starts driving to the clinic.

During his drive, Shnorhk feels bad about all the promises that he keeps breaking. He never helped Mnatsagan scan those documents despite him calling and reminding Shnorhk about it. Suddenly, Shnorhk gets a call about a customer who is in the nearby area and is trying to be driven. He decides to ignore the call, saying that he wants to at least keep his promise to Patil. When Shnorhk gets caught in heavy traffic, he changes routes and takes the longer way to the clinic.

Shnorhk makes it to the clinic with only ten minutes to spare. When he looks inside, though, he sees that the place has closed early and everybody is already gone. He counts this as one more broken promise. He says he wants to sue the place. He starts coughing again. He is unable to stop coughing and he starts feeling like he's going to throw up. He spits up blood all over his pants.

The chapter ends on May 15, 2014 at 17:52:17.