Narrator Özgür Yildirim
Volume Honeysuckle & Pain
Starts June 16, 2014 (16:42:51)
Ends June 16, 2014 (21:21:20)
Previous chapter Xiomara
Next chapter in the middle of their street

"Bleach" is the third chapter of Honeysuckle & Pain. It is the first chapter to be narrated by Özgür Yildirim.

Chapter Quote Edit

"A really good detective never gets married." - Raymond Chandler

Summary Edit

The chapter begins on Monday, June 16, 2014 at 16:42:51 in Los Angeles, California. Oz was not transferred to Hollywood, as Abendroth previously told him, but instead was transferred to Olympic station. He wonders if Abendroth was misinformed or if his decision was overruled. Captain Cardinal welcomes Oz to the new station. Oz stays shortly, and takes a folder with him when he leaves.

Oz drives over to Planski's house and shows her the folder. He asks what kind of person would decapitate the three students. Planski, however, does not want to talk about work. She instead asks how Oz is settling into the new station. He tells her that Cardinal placed him with the unsolved squad, on his own. Oz brings the case back up by asking about bleach. Planski asks if this is even his case. Oz explains that it was Florian Sérbulo's. Planski asks why it is no longer his case. Oz says that the last Florian heard of it, the case was handed off to someone else. Someone possibly in the NSA. Cardinal told Oz to revisit any open case that dates back to at least 2010, and this is the case he is choosing to look deeper into.

The three students were decapitated, their heads were placed in a bathtub, and their heads were doused in bleach. Planski wonders if the goal was to obscure their identities. Oz points out that all three of their IDs were placed next to their bodies. The folder Oz brought to Planski's house was the one given to him by Warlock, containing the names of the three victims to confirm their identities. Oz has not spoken to Warlock since that day. He has considered contacting Warlock again, but never got around to doing it.

Oz asks Planski if she has heard anything from her CI yet. Planski says she has heard "a whisper," and despite Oz asking for details, she will not elaborate. Planski goes back inside of her house and Oz drives back to his apartment. He finds a handwritten note on his pillow. Suddenly, his phone begins ringing. He is sure it's from Elaine but it is actually from Planski. Planski asks Oz if, in his entire career, he has ever seen a head doused in bleach. Oz says he has not. Planski hasn't either, so she "stands by identity." Oz doesn't understand, so Planski points out there were four IDs left at the crime scene. Oz says there were only three, but Planski says bleach is the fourth one.

The chapter ends on Monday, June 16, 2014 at 21:21:20.