Between Nowhere and Nowhere
Narrator Isandòrno
Volume Into the Forest
Starts May 14, 2014 (06:17:10)
Ends May 14, 2014 (07:42:38)
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"Between Nowhere and Nowhere" is the sixth chapter of Into the Forest. It is the first chapter to be narrated by Isandòrno.

Chapter Quote Edit

"You can't." - Victim #3

Summary Edit

The chapter opens up on May 14, 2014 at 06:17:10 in Chiapas, Mexico. Isandòrno appears to be sitting on the back of a truck as he is being driven somewhere. The truck enters heavy traffic and the driver cuts off the engine. Isandòrno climbs off of the truck and follows the driver and his wife as they walk past the stopped cars. He notices a woman peddling a bicycle through the area. Isandòrno decides to stop following the truck driver and instead follows the woman. Isandòrno follows the woman for a while longer until she stops and gets off of the bike.

After Isandòrno left Veracruz four days ago, he traveled to Benemérito de las Américas. He stayed there with a group of people. The town bordered Guatemala and Isandòrno wanted to cross the border but he never did. He would like to be able to go to other countries but it has never happened. Isandòrno's father was born in Mexico but his mother was not. According to him, she was the reason he has never been able to leave Mexico.

Isandòrno thought about a conversation he had with the man he typically bought wine off of whenever he visited his employer, The Mayor. The Mayor would never drink the wine, though. The seller asked Isandòrno why he would never leave the country. Isandòrno did not answer his question. A few men came over and drank the wine Isandòrno had bought. He told them he would not hurt them if one of them agreed to drive him back north. One of them did. Along the way to Chiapas, before getting stuck in traffic, the driver asked Isandòrno if it would be okay for them to stop in Ocosingo. The driver's wife had a cousin there who could build them a new engine, which they were planning to sell in Mexico City. Isandòrno was fine with this request.

Isandòrno stops daydreaming and stops pursing the woman on the bike. He instead decides to see why the traffic is so bad. He can spot the corpses of animals blocking the road and there are many people around who are trying to figure out what happened. Some of the animals have also been decapitated. The police are on their way to resolve everything. Isandòrno decides to step closer to get a better look. He sees many bullet holes in the animals. Among the corpses lies a goat and a donkey. He decides then to return to the truck. He worries that his late arrival will upset The Mayor, especially considering the fact that he didn't even help escort the crates to The Ranch.

The chapter ends on May 14, 2014 at 07:42:38.