Narrator Jingjing
Volume One Rainy Day in May
Starts May 11, 2014 (08:17:18)
Ends May 11, 2014 (08:49:04)
Previous chapter "Mom, it's a – "
Next chapter , dead

"auntie!" is the thirtieth chapter of One Rainy Day in May. It is the fourth and final chapter to be narrated by Jingjing.

Chapter Quote Edit

"What took place was very possible." - Arthur Yap

Summary Edit

The chapter opens up on May 11, 2014 at 08:17:18 in Singapore. Tian Li removes her necklace and hands it to Jingjing without explaining her reasons for doing so. Jingjing is unsure of what to do with it and he has never seen Tian Li remove it before. He decides to hang it up on his wall.

For some reason, all of the windows and doors in the flat are wide open. There is no sign of a burglary. Jingjing closes all of the doors and windows but he notices that Tian Li is suddenly acting differently. She asks for ice cream. She has never done that before so Jingjing has to pick some up at a nearby store. When he returns, Tian Li seems to be having a difficult time remembering who Jingjing is. Afterwards, she goes to her room and falls asleep. Again, Jingjing has never seen Tian Li sleep before.

Jingjing decides to return to the void deck. Along the way, he stops and feels as if something is more deeply wrong. Something obvious that he is not seeing. He ignores this feeling and proceeds. Once he enters the void deck, everybody ignores his arrival. He sees Spencer and the two end up arguing again. Jingjing pulls out a gold coin from his pocket. Everybody in the void deck, including Spencer, all gather around Jingjing. His mind is still focused on the mysteriously opened doors and windows, though. Spencer takes the coin and examines it. When Jingjing asks for it back, Spencer tells him he'll give it back in exchange for beer. Jingjing doesn't agree so Spencer seems to drop the coin, but then performs a magic trick where he pulls it out from behind Jingjing's ear. This impresses Lau Jerry and Delson, two other people in the void deck who were gathered around. Spencer crushes the coin in his hand and it begins dripping out chocolate. Jingjing is left confused over this.

Suddenly Jingjing gets a bad feeling and he runs up the stairs back to his flat. He shakes Tian Li awake and asks her where her cat has gone. Tian Li is confused and Jingjing tells her the cat is lost. Tian Li replies by saying, "Not lost. Just gone. Gone at last. Gone for good."

The chapter ends on May 11, 2014 at 08:49:04.

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