"Mom, it's a – "
Narrator Astair Ibrahim
Volume One Rainy Day in May
Starts May 10, 2014 (17:06:33)
Ends May 10, 2014 (17:17:17)
Previous chapter Tiny Storms
Next chapter auntie!

"Mom, it's a – " is the twenty-ninth chapter of One Rainy Day in May. It is the fourth and final chapter to be narrated by Astair Ibrahim.

Chapter Quote Edit

"Minerva's Owl takes flight only as dusk begins to fall." - Hegel

Summary Edit

The chapter opens up on May 10, 2014 at 17:06:33 in Los Angeles, California. Xanther and Anwar have both arrived back to their home. When Astair sees them pull up into the driveway, she steps outside to see them. When she sees that Xanther's arms are cut up and bleeding and her glasses are missing, she begins to panic. Shasti and Freya both run outside, expecting to see the dog they were supposed to pick up. Astair wonders why Anwar hasn't taken Xanther to an emergency room. Her first thought was that it was the result of Xanther having another seizure, but she sees that this is incorrect. Anwar is still by the car, unloading something. When Anwar approaches Astair, he explains that Xanther's glasses are on a sidewalk in Venice and he is planning on going back to retrieve them.

Astair notices the small creature Xanther is holding. Xanther is trying to rush into the house but Astair blocks the door, demanding an explanation as to what happened to her and why they are not back with the dog. When she first sees the animal Xanther is holding, she thinks it is a Chihuahua and they had bought that instead of the Akita. Xanther begins trying to tell her but she interrupts, the thoughts of Xanther possibly having a seizure are still on her mind. Xanther tries to explain again but Astair interrupts again, still wanting to know where the dog is. Anwar tells her that they never even made it to the trainer. He tells her that Xanther found the animal on the way there and saved its life.

Xanther is finally able to show Astair that the animal is a cat. Astair says they can't keep it because she's allergic to cats, and Anwar admits he wasn't aware of this. When Astair sees the cat, she believes that it will die before the night is over. Astair expresses again that she wants the cat out of the house.

The chapter ends on May 10, 2014 at 17:17:17.

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